TeamMetrics has shut down on May 31, 2023

I created this free tool to help teams assess their morale. Many teams found it helpful to drive continuous improvement. Unfortunately, I lack the time and financial resources to pay for development and support, to keep it aligned with the European GDPR and to update it periodically to prevent security breaches. So with regret, I decided to shut down TeamMetrics. Any data collected by TeamMetrics is no longer accessible.

If you're looking for an alterantive, you can try the Agile/Scrum Team Survey. Click "Diagnose Team (Free)" and select "Focus: Team Morale" as the questionnaire type. This allows you to measure team morale in your team with a similar set of questions. This platform gives more actionable feedback, is GDRP compliant and is based on a broader scientific model for what makes teams effective.

In any case, thank you for using this tool! ~Christiaan (