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When you're working in a team on a high-pressure software project, team morale is important. When morale is high, people are more enjoying their work, feel more motivated and are more likely to help each other in stressful times. A high team morale has been shown to buffer against burnout. Compared to team happiness, team morale is more stable over time. It does not fluctuate as much as happiness, which can be different every day. Once team morale starts to drop significantly in the entire team, you know that something needs to be done. And fast.

By entering this survey, you can get measure your personal morale. You can compare your results to that of the entire sample (anonymized).

If you like this survey, feel free to start your own sample at the end of the survey. You can invite the members of your team for a private sample. This allows you to determine team morale within your own team and take action based on the results.

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