TeamMetrics is a simple, free survey tool to help (Agile) teams improve by gathering objective data about key team factors such as team morale and interpret the results with the help of benchmarks.

About TeamMetrics

TeamMetrics is a hobby project of mine, Christiaan Verwijs. I enjoy working on this project because it gives me a good excuse to combine my background in software development and organizational psychology into something useful. I am convinced that teams and organizations benefit from high-quality, scientifically tested instruments to measure different levels of performance and make informed decisions based on the results. As the name suggests, TeamMetrics is focussed on team-level metrics such as team morale, motivation, happiness, learning, performance, communication and leadership. I strive to add a variety of (free) metrics to this website over time and continuously refine the metrics.

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On the use of metrics

Technology behind TeamMetrics

TeamMetrics uses a variety of statistical techniques to calculate team results and compare them to benchmarks. These benchmarks are made up of weighed averages based on the results from other teams that have used the same metric.

The site is written in .NET Core 3.1 (C#) and uses Bootstrap 3, Entity Framework Core 3.0, MySQL, MVC.NET and a variety of other frameworks. The website is deployed on a virtual server by AppVeyor and Octopus Deploy on every master commit.

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